Thursday, July 16, 2009

I haven't posted in a while...

because I haven't taken any pictures in a while. I know that is a pathetic excuse, but its true. I hate posting with out pictures. Some people are interesting enough to get away with this, but not me. In order to get some info out there with out writing a novel I'm just going to make a list of some of the events we've had in the last little while.

  • I had my ultrasound and despite my measuring big, the baby is only weighing in at 6lbs 6oz. So no luck with my dreams of a super early induction. He did say he'd be willing to induce me the first week of Aug. so at least I will not go over this time:)
  • We got our first zucchini out of our garden (Yummy. I love those guys)
  • My mom and grandma, and aunt (plus her two girls) came up for a short visit. Although they were here for less than 24 hours we had a blast. We took the kids to a water park called Buccaneer bay and they all loved it. (here's where I really wish I had pictures)
  • One of Casey's co-workers gave us an Amish Friendship Bread starter, and now we're all addicted (I don't think its from very health conscious Amish people)
  • We finally got our car situation worked out with the shop that faultily repaired Casey's car (remember the burning bronco?). We were absolutely under compensated, but it's done and I'm relived.
  • Porter and Maya finished their two weeks of swim lessons. They always love swimming lessons, but sometimes I wonder how those teachers do it. Maya can be quite the little stinker.
  • Bennett has started saying Awesome (where did he learn that word?) along with tons of other words. His vocab. amazes me. Some of his most repeated phrases are "truck grampy backyard", "Asher hair" (his little friend Asher pulled his hair like two weeks ago, and he is unable to forgive and forget) "Stev-o truck" (yes he loves talking about trucks, and luckily he can pronounce it fairly well)
  • I got all my freezer jam made. I bought 40 lbs. of strawberry's last week and between me, my sister, and my neighbor we got it all made into jam (in only two days). I amaze myself sometimes.
  • Last but not least I drank two mason jars full of strawberry milkshake in one setting (I didn't intend on doing this, but I made two milkshakes, one for me and one for Casey, and when I finished mine and noticed Casey wasn't eating his (I think because I snuck a little banana in it) and I just couldn't let it go to waste). I DO NOT RECOMMEND ATTEMPTING THIS. I was miserably full after this episode of gluttony.

I'm sure now that you have seen how jam packed with excitement our summer has been you will be able to understand why I've been unable to post more frequently (OK, so I'm just lazy).


Elaine said...

I love the milkshake gluttony- I've been sneaking brownies from the kitchen all night and now I feel miserable. I wish I could make jam with you.:-)