Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monkey Joe's

Since Daddy went back to Cambridge we've been having all sorts of fun. First of all the babies (Bennett and Miles) had to go to the ER and were diagnosed with upper respiratory infections, so they are both on antibiotics.

Miles decided to top his big brother and not only get an upper respiratory infection, but he also popped a tooth out (he's only 4 months old)!

But even with all the problems Miles is still a super happy little guy.

We decided to gorge ourselves with pizza at CiCi's pizza but the kids enjoyed the 'balloon maker man' much more than the pizza. The boys got these really awesome Alians, and Maya got a swan (she was crazy about it)

This was the Monkey Joes mascot. Funny story-Bennett was afraid of this guy and was sitting on my lap when Porter asked why he was scared I said "Well sometimes little kids are afraid of people in costumes" to which Porter responded "You mean he's not real?" (he was dead serious)

These two boys sure had a blast together.

Bennett was asleep when we first got there but once he woke up he was lovin' it.

Poor Porter was sweating up a storm

Maya was a little distracted by all the stuffed animals you could buy (especially the snake)but she also had fun!

Good ol' Aunt Sarah. I think she had more fun than the kids (except Bennett who kept kissing and hugging her every time he got off one of the jumpy things) This picture was taken shortly before Sarah went slipping down the kiddy slide face first and scared poor little Grant to death.
Even with all this fun we sure miss our daddy!
Daddy we love you.


Elaine said...

I like Myles chubby cheeks! I thought Porter had gone swimming, poor sweaty kid! It looks like you guys had fun. :-)

Casey said...

I wish I could have been there. I would have loved nothing more than to have played with you. I miss you guys.


Searls Stuff said...

What a happy bunch of kids! Looks like you all had a blast.

James Porter said...

I guess Maya has never heard the song, because she got a lot of them wrong, like when Sarah sang "five golden..." and Maya said "trophies" but the funniest was when Sarah sang "And a partridge in a pear..." and Maya blurted out "ot" (Parrot)

Hahaha, I loved this. It was cracking me up. I love you and can't wait to see you soon! Don't listen to Sarah, by the way! Head to moms early so you'll be there hwen I get there! Love you.