Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First time on the ski hill

Here's the family on the way to Mt. Spokane to carve up some bunny hill. Casey, Maya, Porter, and Poppy.

Here is the part where everyone is still really happy and excited about trying skiing.

Well the ski lift sure is fun, but I wonder if going down is going to be equally fun?

(Riding the ski lift was Maya's favorite part)

The prospect of new goggles kept this kid smiling and skiing.

A quick coco break to warm the Master and the young grasshopper before another hour on the slopes.

Maya learned the hard way that you should always test the 'hotness' of your cocoa before you go slurping away, even after daddy blows on it.

Sip slowly or you could suffer adverse consequences.

Luckily she had some ice water to slowly sip until the burning subsided.

Learning is hard, but despite some set backs and a few tears, I believe they had a good time, and they both told me they would like to go back again. I think the main reason they want to go back is because Poppy told them that if they keep trying and get real good at it they would get to buy goggles. They thought the goggles were really cool. Poppy let them borrow a pair of his, and they wore them nonstop for the rest of the visit.

I'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure Porter is rescuing Poppy in this picture. Poppy isn't as young as he used to be:)

And here is Maya doing the 'weggie'. What a look of concentration.


Sarah Harward said...

You wrote this tomorrow? How did that happen? I think the date is off. I'm glad to see some new posts!! We miss you guy terribly! Addie said to me yesterday 'Mom, are Porter and Maya coming over?' I told her no and in a pathetic whiny voice she said 'WHY?!?!' We all miss you guys!!