Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trip to the Doctor

Today we had our first visit to the doctor since moving to Cambridge. Bennett and Miles were both behind on shots, so they each got stuck. Porter and Maya were worried for them and before we left for the appointment Maya told me that she had prayed that the babies wouldn't cry when they got them. Being the doubting mom that I am I though "brace yourself for disappointment, cause babies hate shots". We got to the building and it was this little rinky dink office but everyone was really friendly, and the kids both did well and guess what...The babies didn't cry!
Bennett feels pretty tough sportin' this band aid. He was quite the tough guy for his shot. He didn't cry until it was over and then it was only a whimper. And now that it's over he looks at his band aid and says "I want more shot"

Miles was super good for his shots. He needed two shots, after the first one he giggled, then after the second one he just sort of whined but absolutely no crying.

Bennett and Miles are such good friends. I think Bennett is sometimes a little too loving, but they are very cute together.

Here's Miles checking out Bennett's battle scar


Jims said...

Hahah I love those pictures of Bennett sporting his battle wounds. I love seeing pictures of the kids. Tell them I miss them.

Kathy said...

Bennett is so SO tough! Tell him we miss him and when he comes to our house, we will take him on a ride on Grampy's tractor!
Oh, and I love that chubby Miles too :)

Jamie said...

A miracle-I'd say. The way kids react to shots really tells a lot about their personality I think.