Sunday, July 11, 2010

Miles and I...

The past few weeks have reminded me of that time when I only had one baby. First I went to Utah and only brought Miles, then we flew to Indiana together. We had a lot of fun, and life was strangely calm, but I'm glad to be back with the big kids and Casey (the biggest kid of all). Here are some photos from our trip.

Miles got to play with Landon and Addie, and ride the lawn mower with Nana. He loved it, even though he looks serious in the picture. It wasn't a giddy kind of love, but he really enjoyed riding around on it. Everyone kept saying we need to cut his hair because he's too pretty, and I'm hesitant to add that he was called a girl by more than one passing stranger (even with blue clothes on). Maybe it is time for a hair cut???

We got to spend time with Jenna and Carly (my cousins), which was way fun. Jenna was such a great help with Miles, she would hoist him onto her hip and tote him all over the place.

Stev-o played the bagpipes (just prior to the taking of this picture Grant had his ears plugged), and Grampy juggled and played a LOT of corn hole (Miles tried to play too, we had to tell him "it's not a slide")

Lousiville had their firework show on Monday, so we all went down to watch. It took forever to start, but Miles LOVED watching. He sat mesmerized on James lap.

I thought the picture of Brad and Jessica turned out so cute. What an adorable couple!

We even squeezed in a little shopping. I got a pair of Old Navy jeans for $6.00 Woo Hoo!
Not pictured-
Lots of swimming/tanning (aka burning)
Pool Volleyball in which the girls dominated both games!
Dance party
An attempted trip to Cracker Barrel (it was closed so we settled for steak and shake)
A successful trip to Cracker Barrel for apple dumplings (to die for)
James played Rummy cube with me
Giovanni's pizza
It was a great trip and I sure love those guys!


Tim said...

Hey, when did you get to go to Cracker Barrel and how many sugars were in that?

Sarah Harward said...

I want to steal all your pictures! You got some great pictures of things I didn't get!!! Thanks for updating (finally!! ;) )

Jims said...

Haha, I miss that lil' guy Miles! And I miss Rummikub, too. I really wanted to play Saturday night.

Searls Stuff said...

While your gathering wasn't for the happiest of reasons, it is obvious you were able to find joy in the moment. Thanks for the post.

Elaine said...

Amanda I miss you! I heard that you called. I'm in utah now but we'll be home soon.

Kathy said...

I miss you already. You guys really need (I need you) to live closer.... please?