Friday, July 30, 2010

Splish Splashin'

Who doesn't love a GOOD water fight?
Most certainly each of the Elmer kids do, I usually have to change their clothes several times a day. And often the water play extends to the sand box. They love it, but it does make for gritty floors and excellent pictures...

It's always a fight to see who will gain control of the hose, but sometime the big kids are nice to the pesky little brother and let him douse them. He loves it!

Even when you don't officially have control of the hose there is always the ability to SPIT water on your opponents.

A little sword fighting, this kept them entertained for so long!

After a long day of water play there is not much better than finding a quiet place to chat with your best friend.


Kathy said...

Love the pictures..... but I love the kids being photographed more! Only 17 more days????? Hurry home~!

Searls Stuff said...

It is amazing how much fun kids can get from a water hose! Fun post!