Sunday, August 1, 2010

Concert in the Park

Last weekend Casey and I took the kids (minus Miles who thankfully stayed home with Grammy) to downtown Spokane and watched a concert in the park complete with fireworks!

Don't look too closely at this picture. It's super blurry, but its the only picture of us I could find. (Note to self...don't get so caught up taking pictures of fireworks that you forget to photograph the people)

I'm not sure if it was supposed to be like this or not, but on the flat surface of this building someone kept shining a little lazer light and making it move around to the music. There was a green light and a red one, and the red one was kind of faint and not near as spunky as the green. That lazer light was the saving grace for Porter. He was not about to get up and start dancing to the music, but he cheered for 'GREENIE' all night long.

Typical Maya. She made a few little friends and they had a blast dancing together all night. She is so good with little kids. The littliest girl was only about 18 mo. but she LOVED Maya. She kept sitting on Maya's lap, and Maya was so sweet with her. She would bounce her to the music and wrap her up in her blankie. Maya is always so sweet. I love that kid.

The picture above is of the building, the orchestra (orangish lights in the middle), and the crowd. The pictures below on the other hand are what we had waited for all night. We endured the horribly boring music for a few spectacular fireworks. I was at my parents for the 4th of July, and Casey didn't take the kids to see fireworks (they were in Rexburg, Id), so this was kind of their BIG firework event. They all loved it, except Benny who fell asleep and wouldn't wake up (even for fireworks). Oh, and I just have to say "Go get it MOM!". When we were kids and would go see fireworks my mom would always say these first fireworks "Look just like gold and I want to reach out and grab it." So we'd tease her (and still do) by saying "Go get it Mom" every time we'd see one.

Casey had seen this event advertised in the newspaper and even though it's always harder to load everyone up and go out rather than just staying home and putting everyone to bed, we had a pretty good time. We should get out more. (oh, and Casey took all these pictures. I've been getting lots of comments on the pictures, so I figure I should give credit where credit is due, way to go babe).


Searls Stuff said...

There are always so many thing to do in large cities. I just hate the traffic and parking issues. Kuddos to you for getting out and taking advantage of such a wonderful opportunity!