Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Casey and I took a photography class together and at the end of the class there was a photo competition in which we were each allowed to submit pictures to a flicker group, and the winner would get a family photo shoot from the teacher. Neither of us won, but we each had a photo in the top 5 (so I guess that's pretty good). The picture above is the one of mine that made the final five (I hate loosing).

I sure have good lookin' kids. These two are best buds. Always together and always having fun.

Sometimes they let the little one in on the fun. Bennett admires Porter and Maya so much and loves being included in the adventures. He's such a little follower:)

Casey made Porter and Maya little cross bows out of scraps of wood, piping, and bungee cords. Porter thinks it's the greatest thing EVER! and maya still thinks her thumb is the best thing ever

In other news...I looked out the window to find my kids like this yesterday.


Kathy said...

Okay, Maya's hair looks like it has grown 10 inches this summer. Porter is getting so big and looks so old. Does Bennett only eat graham crackers? What happened last night that you had to hang up so quickly? I love you and see you in just about 12 days???

Mom said...

Ok, now I am serious. How much would you charge me to come take pictures at Katy's wedding? You are so good!

Mom said...

P.S. That last post was not really your mom, but Katy's mom, Kathy...wait your mom is Kathy also...ok I am Kathy N.
P.P.S. Your kids are going to kill you for taking those pictures when they are bigger. My dad was a photographer and took one of me like that when I was little...I have never forgiven him. But they are so cute!

Doug and Mallena said...

I haven't checked blogs in such a long time. It was fun to catch up on some of your comings and goings. You and Casey have amazing talents with photography. If you're ever in Yakima, WA would you be interested in a job as our family photographer? :) Thanks for posting about your car experience with Bennett. I know it's hard to share things like that sometimes, but I know I for one appreciate the reminder of being more careful and trying to follow promptings as they come. You are an amazing mother and a great example to us all.