Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Casey and I were a little wishy washy as to what to do with the kids as far as schooling goes while we are staying with my parents. At first we thought we would homeschool again, but they loved their old school so much and we could end up being here a fair amount of time, so we enrolled them in school. I really love the school they are going to, and the both Porter and Maya seem to have gotten excellent teachers. There is a bit of an adjustment because this school starts an hour eariler than their last school so we're getting use to waking up at 6 am. I don't know who's taking it harder the parents or the kids (Miles, on the other hand, loves it and is pushing his luck by waking up at 5:45 (the little stinker).
We got an awful lot of snow here and the kids were blessed with not one, but two snow days. They were pretty excited, unfortunately the second day's snow was accompanied by bitter cold, so they only got to enjoy the snow on the first day. Fortunately we put forth the effort to bundle up and I dusted off the camera and got a few pictures of them enjoying the winter splendor.

Maya makes a stunningly beautiful eskimo.

Aunt Hannie taught the kids that if you wear your pajamas inside out and backwards the night before a predicted snow storm school will be canceled, I think they'll be testing this theory on a regular basis.
Post Note: Maya, missed her school fieldtrip on the second snow day and was super bummed, but hopefully they'll make it up to her. That girl loves school.


Sarah Harward said...

Cute pictures!! Wish you were living with me, then we could enjoy the snow days together!!

Peggy and Jeff said...

These are such cute pictures! Mal and I tried to call today to wish you a Happy Birthday and found out that it is really tomorrow...where is that birthday calendar I keep asking for??!! At least we were early rather than late! Hope you are having a fun time with your mom and sisters. We love you.!