Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wha'd you say?

I was printing coloring pages off the internet and Bennett would run over to the printer and collect the pages, but he kept saying "You need to push paw". I think he was thinking about paw prints.

Bennett was feeding me popcorn and said "You have to nibble it, like a hedge hog".

Bennett had to go the the bathroom on a Walmart shopping trip, so I took him and when he finished I decided I'd better go also. Not wanting him to wander around the bathroom I made him stay in the stall with me. He kept trying to unlock the door and sit on the questionably wet floor. I finally grabed him by the arm and said "YOU CAN NOT SIT ON THE FLOOR. It's disgusting." He glared at me and said "Your bum is disgusting."

While drawing a picture of me Maya said "If anyone wants to know, this is NOT a Chinese boy."

After trying to play my old trumpet Maya shrugged her shoulders and said "I thought it would sound more jazzy."

As Casey read a Christmas story to the kids he read a part where Santa pulled a small bell from his bag and said "There was a soft tinkling sound", Porter quickly blurted out "And it was Santa peeing".

While looking back at older pictures of Miles with his long hair Maya said "I like it when Miles looked kinda like a girl. I didn't like it when he got his hair cut."

A slower Christmas song came on the raido and Bennett said "I don't like this song, I just like 'Holy Diver'!" I said "Holy Diver?" and he said "Yeah, Holy Diver's my favorite".

I asked Maya what she played at school with her friends and she said "We just played princes and dragons, but we cut the princess out". I should have know Maya's friends would prefer to be a dragon over a princess.

Bennett: "I'm sorry I spilled all the pictures Mom. Do you forpologise me?"
Me: "Yes Bennett I forgive you."

Maya was talking about a field trip her class was going to take where they were going to the public library and then a restaurant for pizza. I said "Yeah, you're going to a fancy restaurant" and she said "I'm going to use my best manners" to which Bennett replied "Hey, you don't got manners, I got manners."

After Thanksgiving dinner Maya found two turkey bones and glued them to her head band. She wore them for the next few days saying she was a reindeer.

When I brought home the thanksgiving turkey it was wrapped in green packaging. Bennett took one look and said "You got a big huge WATERMELON".

At bedtime Bennett came wandering into our room so I told him to go get back into his bed. He said "I'm not tired", so I said "You don't have to go to sleep, just go lay in your bed and listen to your music." He quickly said "I'm not song-y".

As I was reading my scriptures Bennett curled up next to me so I asked him if he wanted me to read out loud. He said yes, so I began reading out loud. He then told me "No, SCREAM louder!"

Porter saw something gross and said "Oh gross, I'm gonna gromit".

Porter while looking at a picture of Miles "I wish I had a phone, I'd put that picture on it."

While at the doctors office the doctor walked past Bennett, he quickly turned to me and said "Her dress is like stinky".

I was laying in bed the other day trying to sleep in and overheard Maya say to Porter "You even hit my nose, it's the hardiest part of my body".

Maya used the bathroom immediately after Porter and with a tone of disgust in her voice stormed up to him and said "Porter, you didn't wipe the seat off!" He tried to deny it and she snatched up a piece of toilet paper and said "ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS THIS" while demonstrating how to wipe off the seat.

Porter learned a new word after watching White Fang and decided to implement it when Bennett kept shutting the door on him. He yelled "Stop shutting the damn freaking door!" Then he glanced over at me, and realizing I heard him, said "Oh, I'm dead".

Some choice lines from Bennett age 2 "I serious do want some milk" and "My whole life is cereal mom"

After a long period of being downstairs Bennett came into my room. I asked him what he was doing and he said "Not eating cookies" (with crumbs all over his mouth). I said "Oh, you weren't eating a cookie? What were you doing?" He replied "I was eating a banana." (we don't even have any banana's)

Maya "Who wants to play Super Family?"
Casey "How do you play Super Family?"
Maya "You just be super heros and if anything drops from Bennett or Miles (car seats) we get it, and Dad you drive the supermobil and Mom you watch the super kids."
Me "Are Super Kids as annoying as regular kids?"
Maya "Yeah, their SUPER."
(side note-this was on our super long car trip. I don't typically infer that my children are annoying.)

Maya "Knock Knock"
Me "Whose there?"
Maya "Interrupting orange"
Me "Interrupting orange..."

Bennett "But dad I like rolly coasters their my best friends".

We drove past a K-Mart and Porter said "Hey, Big K". I said "What do you know about Big K?" and he said "I see it on soda and on a store".

While driving in the car Maya asked me "Mom, WHEN can I get a dog?" I said I didn't know and Porter said "I really want a hamster, can I get a hamster mom?" I ignored him and Maya chimed in with "Yeah, a hamster would be good cause it wouldn't chase cats". (Yeah, THAT'S the reason we aren't getting a dog)

Maya - "Who wants to feel my kind of beard-ish chin?"

I threatened to spank Benny and he said "You a tough mommy."

While watching a movie Porter asked Maya "Do you know what Rodger means" Maya said "Yeah, it means Copy"

On our drive to Washington Bennett saw the mountains in the distance and kept saying "I see the Rolly Coaster (Roller coaster)"


Kayli said...

ummm, those were HILAROUS!! You a tough mommy, Amanda.

leigh said...

these are always the best! how do you keep track of them all? my kids say funny things, but i forget them right after they've said them.

Peggy and Jeff said...

Amanda you are the master blogger and I love these comments!!

Shweta said...

I think u hav got d best way to keep track of ur happy moments.... nice work..