Thursday, November 10, 2011

A day at the zoo

Who knew that flamingos enjoyed the cool autumn air?  While Grammy was here visiting we decided to make the most of our zoo pass and visit the Columbus Ohio Zoo (Casey had been giving me a hard time for paying the extra $30.00 to get guests in).  It was pretty fun even though a lot of the animals were in their indoor habitats. 
Bennett was his typical cautious (scardy) self.  It was all we could do to get him to sit on this shark long enough to snap a picture.  He wouldn't take his eyes off the teeth for fear it would attack.  He pretty much maintained a wary facial expression the entire time.
Maya's favorite animal was the Komodo Dragon.  She  wouldn't tell anyone what her favorite was but later that night she whispered it to me and told me not to tell anyone.  It was funny because they had this board that you could push a button and smell what a Komodo Dragons breath smelled like.  You would think if they were specifically allowing you to smell it it would smell good, but I was informed it smelled like B.O.  I did not smell it.
Miles was so cute in the reptile house.  He kept calling every lizard like creature an "Iguana".  It was adorable mostly because I didn't even know he knew the word iguana.
Porter's favorite animal at the zoo was the gorillas (in the above picture he is modeling his agitated stance and Maya is modeling the stick eating pose).  They were probably my favorite also.  There was a momma with her baby and it just melted my heart.  They have such human characteristics I think each of my children would have fit in quite nicely in the gorilla enclosure. 


Kathy said...

9 days. Miss you guys (but I love you more!).

Peggy and Jeff said...

Such a fun day~I am so glad I stayed one more day so I could hang out with you guys...I love you all and miss you!

Searls Stuff said...

Kids + zoo = fun!!
Once again, great pictures!