Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween (2011)

"It's that time of year again, when ghosts and goblins come..."  I love Halloween.  Even now that my kids are beginning to have opinions about their costumes it's still fun.  Although I think it would be slightly more fun if they would go along with my costume ideas.  I totally wanted Porter to be a Nerd this year.  He had these great glasses Grammy got him and it would have been perfect, but alas he stuck with the football player. 
I was a huge fan of Maya's costume.  She was a 50's girl in a cute little pink poodle skirt (Peggy made the skirt WITHOUT a sewing machine!).  I loved it.  Grammy got her the styling frames and she wore them Saturday for the trunk or treat, Sunday to church, and Monday for school and trick or treat.  They are quirky and positively adorable just like she is.
Bennett was Tron (Casey's creation) and really had a great time trick or treating this year.  He caught up to our little neighbor girl Bella (who he's kind of in LOVE with) and his night couldn't have been better.  It's funny, I was just looking at this picture of Casey and thinking how handsome he is when I noticed his eyes looked a little blurry.  I was thinking "darn that picture is blurry" then I scrolled down and realized it was fingerprints on my computer screen.  Oops
We recycled Bennett's lobster costume for Miles this year and he was adorable!  He probably got the most comments on his costume.  It's a very cute lobster with little pinchers and everything.  He loved trick or treating and was usually much more interested in the peoples decorations than the candy (and that's saying something.  Miles loves candy!).
Here we are at the trunk or treat.  I'm not sure if you can tell but Maya is holding a little test tube that the achievement day girls made for each of the kids.  They were so cute.  Each tube was filled with a certian color of skittles and they had tied these adorable little lables on that said things like "Pumpkin Poop" (orange) and "Bat Droppings" (purple)  I can't remember what the other ones said but I'm totally going to try to find the site they used and pin it for next year.

Overall a great Halloween.  I'm a little embarrassed to say we ended up with much MUCH more candy than we passed out (we passed out 4 bags at the trunk or treat and bought 2 to pass our for Halloween but only got through part of it)!  I think I'll let each of the kids have a few more pieces then I'm going to throw the rest in the freezer in the garage so I'll leave it alone!


Sarah Harward said...

AHHH!!! I LOVE THE PICTURES!! Maya in those glasses is about the cutest thing ever! Also, Bennett's little shifty eyes in that picture with Bella is so cute! Oh, and i could eat Ender up! Little Bennett face!
(Porter and Miles were also TOO CUTE, but this is wordy enough!)

Elaine said...

I love Maya and Miles' costumes! By the way....did you trick or treat at your cranky neighbor's house?

Larry said...

Thanks for the pictures!! LOVE them! Maya's costume is so cute. How did Peggy do that without sewing? She is toooo amazing. I miss you guys. You look so beautiful in the picture of you and the kids. Thanks for posting that one :) (Mom, in case Dad is signed in)

Larry said...

Darn him!!!

Peggy and Jeff said...

Amanda did you take your sewing machine in to the repair guy? Let me know what he says? I loved being there with you guys..thanks so much for having Maya still wearing her glasses? I think I might get another pair and have them made into real glasses Maya looks so great in them! They are purrrfect for her!