Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guess who tried to trick the tooth fairy

It was Maya, bet you didn't guess that.  She had a wiggly tooth the other day and she asked Casey if he would pull it and he told her it was a long way from ready.  She, being the determined little gal she is, started wiggling in non stop and had it ready to pull in less than 24 hours.  She kept coming up to me saying "Feel it now, I popped another string."  So we yanked it out of her head and she cried, not because it hurt but because it tasted like blood.  I guess she's not a vampire.  She really wanted to keep the tooth but she also really wanted money so she secretly came up with a plan to trick the tooth fairy.  When the tooth fairy entered her room and replaced the tooth with cash he noticed that the tooth didn't seem quite right and upon further inspection discovered she had replaced her tooth with a segment of Cheerio and left that for the tooth fairy.  The tooth fairy realized the deception and replaced her money with a hand drawn fake dollar with a note saying "Cheerios are not teeth!  Nice try Maya. -The Tooth Fairy".  She woke up this morning to discover her fake dollar and was thrilled.  Silly girl.


Kayli said...

Awesome, Maya! Ha ha ha.
Hey, yes, I have really only listened to The Curse by Josh Ritter (which I absolutely love) but what else do you recommend?