Monday, March 19, 2012

Outside again!!!

The weather has been so great here I decided to take the kids outside and snap some pictures of them horsing around.  I was adventurous and flipped my camera to manual mode in order to try to recover some of my skills.  Lucky for me my subjects are adorable and it was a great day for shooting in manual...
 Miles uses this as his go to pose
 Bennett wanted a set of ninjas ($5 from the dollar store) so bad for Christmas.  We bought him a higher quality ninja from Walmart (thinking it would last longer) but he kept talking about getting the dollar store ninjas so we returned the Walmart one and got him the dollar set.  Pretty much the best Christmas present ever!  He loves those ninjas so much.  He always has at least one with him.
 Ender spent his park time in the stroller and loved it.  He is such a great baby.  We all love him so much.  He's starting to realize he want's to be like the big guys.  I don't think he'll be content to sit in the stroller much longer.  sigh...

 This picture of Bennett gets my vote for best picture of the day.  It's just so Bennett.
 Miles fell and got a little scrape on his knee so he wanted to show that off.  He is such a bruiser.  He's always covered in bruises, scrapes, scratches, etc.  Just an all around tough guy.
 Maya was a little cheesy about getting her picture taken, but shes a looker!
 Can you see the sweetness oozing from her?  If only I could have such a lovely spattering of freckles across my face.
Are they best friends?  It sometimes hard to tell but at this particular moment they were getting along pretty well.  I love the faces they make when posing for pics.

 Speaking of priceless faces, Bennett is always a challenge to get pictures of (today I grabbed my iPad and chased him and Ender around trying to take pictures and he told me "No pictures right now.  Who does he think he is?). He allowed me to take pictures of him this day, he just refused to conform when it came to the "smile and say cheese" part of it.  I can't complain too much I love these pictures and think they are much better that they would have been if he'd just complied. 


Kayli said...

OH MY GOSH who is that grown-up looking kid who you're calling Ender?!!! When did he get so big?! He is soooo cute! As is Miles and Bennett and Maya and Porter. I love Maya's freckles too- they remind me a lot of Hazel's. :)

I wish we still could hang out together sometimes and with Sara and we could all chat and I could ask you invasive, personal questions like are you done having kids or are you going to have 5 more and things like that. ;)

Kayli said...

and p.s. WOW great job on manual mode!

Sarah Harward said...

HOLY COW!! Look at Ender's curls!!!! I swear it hasn't been that long since I saw you last, but after looking at these pictures, I feel like it's been forever! All of these pictures are so great!! Way to go!!
p.s. I agree with Kayli, I wish we could all hang out and talk about personal things too!! So I think you and I should plan a trip to Switzerland, because that would be much more exciting than her coming to Indiana or Ohio!!

Larry said...

great looking kids, looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Elaine said...

Love all the pictures. I have to echo everyone else and mention Ender's cute little curls. What a sweetie pie face he has. I also can't believe Porter is 9 years old. What happened to our little 4 year olds?