Sunday, August 26, 2012

The first day of school!

I know I've said it before but I LOVE having kids that love school so much.  They never complain or whine.  They are always excited for the first day, and this year was no exception.  Because of our move we are now attending a different school from last year.  They have changed schools every year, but hopefully we'll be in this one a while.  They really like it.  We had a little scare when we were registering for school.  I called to register the kids for school and was told that even though we are so close they would have to bus Maya to a different school because the third grade was full!  We were frustrated by this so we did everything we could think of.  We got her on the waiting list, e-mailed the principal, and prayed like crazy.  We were told that we could either put in a transfer for Porter to bus with her, or we could just switch her when an opening came available.  So Casey decided we should hold a family fast.  We talked with the kids about what was going on and discussed starting a fast.  They were all on board so we began our first family fast.  Early the next morning we received a call from the school saying that a little boy had just withdrew from school and there was a spot for Maya!!!  It was a great experience.  We called Dad and had a prayer of thanks over the phone.  Later that night Grampy called and asked Maya what happens when we fast and Maya said "Our wishes come true".  It was a great little blessing.  We have been impressed by the school faculty, they are all super enthusiastic.  We live close enough to walk to school and that has been very exciting.  Even our crossing guard is AWESOME!  It looks like its going to be a wonderful year!


Elaine said...

We love Maya's hair clip! She's beautiful and Porter's a cute 'big' brother!