Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look what I found on that old memory card...

 Oh yeah, aren't we something:)  I have a small camera that I don't use very often because I don't like the quality of pictures very well, but I love that it is so easy to carry around and pull out whenever a photo worthy moment presents it's self.  Because I don't use it that often I forget I have it.  A lot.  So imagine my surprise when I stuck the memory card in the computer last week and found these gems.  The above photo is courtesy of one of the kids.

 A visit from the Elmers.  We decided to impress them with the downtown fountains.  Who doesn't love the fountains?
 Then a visit from the Porters and Harwards who we also decided to wow with the splash park (ok, we are a "one trick pony".)

 Cute cousins getting all wet and then drying off.

 We bought a zoo pass when we moved here and it was so fun to be able to pop in whenever we wanted something fun to do. 

 Look at that sweaty boy with the goat, and the big brother who looks super hesitant.

 What?  ANOTHER trip to the splash pad.  Yep, I guess we can't get enough of this place.  If you ever decided to drop by Columbus give us a call and we'll dazzle you with our splash pad:)

 Miles got in trouble by one of the security supervisors and he was terrified.  Funny how I can yell at him all day long and it doesn't phase him but when someone else talks to him he's crushed.  I decided next time I go I'm going to pay the supervisor to talk to him at the beginning so he'll be on his best behavior for the whole visit.

 Me and Miles.  Random.
 The boys in our new house.  We LOVE our new house!!!


Kathy said...

I may have to have some of these photos for my bookshelves. They are great. I miss you all so much. Can't wait for this weekend.
Love you bunches. You are amazing!!