Thursday, October 18, 2012

This past week

 Between General Conference and Election Debates I feel like I've been spending way too much time in front of the TV (because I can't seem to ease off my other viewing habits to make room for these, so I just add to the load).  Ender's been sick, and while he just wanted to sit on my lap and be rocked.  It was super sweet!  He if FINALLY old enough to go to nursery!!!  He was a little nervous Sunday and Casey sat in there with him for the last hour but we are on our way.  Miles has seemed to be extra ornery.  I think it's due to boredom.  I think he could use a little more attention and a few more activities geared to him.  Bennett is learning to read, and doing really well!  He doesn't really like it and sometimes I get irritated with him because I can't tell if he really doesn't know what to do or is just being difficult, but it's fun to work on it together.  Maya is loving life (as always).  She has been all consumed with Harry Potter.  She reads along while listening to the audio books.  It's just my personal opinion, but I think they are the best read books EVER!  I love Jim Dale.  Maya is also taking voice/music lessons and she really seems to enjoy them.  We have a really great sister in our ward who is teaching her and they have a lot of fun together.  She is learning to sew with fleece and is loving it.  She made a little doll and has been making her clothes and bedding.  Porter is also learning to sew and reading Harry Potter.  He's also loving the new trampoline (really they all do, best money we ever spent).  Porter has also formed a writing group with some of the boys in his class.  They write comic books and Porter illustrates them.  He's pretty excited about that venture. 

Before General Conference I kept feeling like I need to make more of an effort to form strong family bonds.  I keep feeling like I am living my life for bed time.  I'm busy all the time! and then I'm pooped and just want to toss the kid in bed and relax (watch TV and eat ice cream).  I keep feeling guilty about this.  Like I'm not spending my time with my kids very wisely.  Then when we watched Conference I felt it even more.  I started to realize that in order to achieve my goals I might have to give up some of that precious evening relaxation time.  So I tried two things.  Since my kids are in school they still do need to go to sleep early but I talked to Casey and suggested we institute a plan where he and I rotate nights choosing the activity we'll do when they are in bed.  We've gotten boxes unpacked, laundry folded, carpeting ripped off the stairs, and other small repairs done.  It's been great (although it does take effort to make it happen, and we have missed nights)!  The other change we've started is letting the kids stay up late on weekends.  They have stayed up late before but usually just watching movies.  I've been trying to suggest more interactive activities.  We did the sewing last weekend and it was so fun.  I'm really hoping we'll keep it up! 


Elaine said...

Amanda, you are the best and when I read your little posts I can hear your voice in my head. You're such a great mom.