Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012 (Pumpkin Carving & Trunk or Treat)

Ever since we bought the pumpkins the kids have been DYING to carve them.  We put it off for as long as we could, but we finally got them carved.  I always have a hard time knowing when to do it.  If you do it too early they look all rotten and shrively for Halloween, but if you wait too long things get busy and they don't get done.  This year was perfect.  We did them right before the ward trunk or treat and then we were able to use them as trunk decorations.  Also this was the first year where the kids were really able to do a lot of it themselves.  They were great designers and the final results were great!

When Casey was a kid his mom played a trick on them one Halloween.  She cut a nail in half and, using fake skin, made it look as if it had gone through her nose.  Casey decided this was the year to pass that gem on to the future generation.  He was in our bathroom getting it all set up and the kids were in the living room making sure they had everything they needed for trunk or treat.  Suddenly he came running in SCREAMING!!!   They all rushed to him and upon seeing the nail froze, open mouthed, not knowing what to do.  It was totally priceless.  Bennett was the best reaction.  His eyes were bulging out and his little mouth just dropped open.  I'm so mad I didn't take the time to grab the video camera and record it.  Just so you don't think we are totally mean, we did tell them it was a joke, and no one cried:)

 Casey- The Clumsy Carpenter
 Maya (a witch) and Bennett (a zombie).  Aren't they adorable?  I thought Bennett was so cute with those dark circles around his eyes!!!
 Bennett was in heaven with all the games.  Well if I'm being honest I think he liked the prized more than the actual games.  They gave out fun little plastic prized and for a kid who likes collecting as much at Bennett they were quite the treasures!
 Maya was so adorable!   She decided she wanted to be a witch and it turned out great.  I think mostly she was excited to get a broomstick because she can use it as a Quidich broom after Halloween.  She decided to tie her stuffed cat to the back of the broom using a rubber band.  Super cute!
 Ender (a dinosaur) had a great time watching everyone.  He loves chaos!  They had a little haunted house set up and he played in that for a while, what baby doesn't love playing in boxes? 
 Miles (a lobster) was a crazy man!  He's a hard guy to keep an eye on.  Lucky he was dressed in red!  Just like the big kids he HAD to have face paint, and Casey and I were doing the big kids faces so Miles grabbed some paint and took matters into his own hands.  Cute little stinker...
Porter was a zombie.  He thought it was great fun because we bought a suit coat at Goodwill and let him cut it up to look old and worn.  I felt a little guilty about cutting up a perfectly good piece of clothing, but I guess Porter wasn't phased because I noticed he also cut HUGE gaping holes in his perfectly fine school jeans (jeans with no holes in the knees are hard to come by for this kid)!
 Getting ready for Halloween is always hectic but we did manage to get some decorations for the trunk.  Casey found some dry ice and used our carved pumpkins to make a spooky, smokey, creepy, trunk.  The kids loved it!  Halloween is always so fun, we can't wait to do it again on the actual Halloween!