Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandparents Camp

So we went down to the Porter's for the 4th and left our kids there for the following week for the first annual Grandparents Camp. From a parents perspective it was wonderful. Although we had Bennett with us, we slept in to the furthest extent of the law and our house stayed reasonably clean (aside from the places where I frequented most, Computer Desk, Fridge, Recliner...) Amanda was in the middle of helping a friend move and that took a few days, but by Wednesday, we were planning all sorts of trips we could take without kids with the Harwards.

Our Pie-in-the-Sky first pick was driving to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant 11 hours away. However, after a 3 hour drive back from Louisville with Addie and Bennett tag team Screaming for 3 hours, that plan was quickly nixed.

So we pared back to just going to Kirtland only 6 hours away, but when we found out that Steve had a late meeting on Thursday night, that plan got scrapped as we wouldn't have enough time to pick up the kids early Saturday morning.

So we searched for something fun to do in the state of Indiana, and we quickly considered going to the Dunes up on Lake Michigan or driving down to Indianapolis and getting hotel rooms and haning out and doing stuff down there.

However, we then learned that Sarah remembered that she had to attend a relief society birthday party on Friday afternoon so those ideas got thrown out and we ended up using this summer's buzzword and had ourselves a little "Staycation" where we played Monopoly on Thursday Night, woke up early friday and went golfing, and then got a babysitter for the remaining two monkeys and were completely and totally free for 3 hours as we tubed down Wildcat Creek. It was a lot of fun. We ran some pretty serious rapids that knocked Steve off his tube and he cracked his skull in 1' of water.

Yeah, we live the exciting life.

This morning we drove through apocalyptical torrents of rain to pick the kids up south of Indianapolis and we were actually thrilled to see them...until about 3 hours after we got them home and Amanda and I locked ourselves in our bedroom where were hastily drew up the negotions for the next Grandparents camp that can't come soon enough.


Elaine said...

Casey you are such a great writer. I want to be part of your family too!

Kathy said...

I got a three hour nap this afternoon but I really miss the kids. The great thing about having them here is that they really love me, and don't hesitate to tell me....... I can't wait until next year!

Doug and Mallena said...

Sounds like a really great experience for all involved. I might have to suggest a "Grandparent's Camp" to our families.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Can your mom take my kids too?? Thanks for all the help moving, seriously. You guys were wonderful and made our move so much easier.

Thanks again!

Peggy and Jeff said...

I am just plain jealous of Kathy getting to have the kids for a whole week--when is it my turn?!! I am praying that a year will fly by as fast as your week did! Sorry you didn't get to Kirkland Herm and Geraldine Caviness are serving a mission there right now and they would have loved to have seen you. I sent the kids a little project in the mail that I hope they like and so they won't forget us! We miss and love you guys a bunch!

emily a. said...

That is such a cool idea! How many grandkids did they have for the week? I'll have to suggest that to my parents too!

The Molen's said...

too bad you nixed Cumorah, we just came from there this weekend!! So sad! But it sounds like you had a great time! My dad is such s bum...,.he would never do that!