Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer money making venture

Setting up shopThe wares
Who could resist this little beauty?

The first customer
They are offically obsessed. Everyday they ask me "can we go sell today?" When people actually buy stuff they get so excited. I love watching them, and I love that they play so well for so long even if they do end up eating all their suckers (they are supposed to sell them for 10 cents a pop) and drinking all their juice (also 10 cents). Yesterday Porter came running downstairs with his wallet and when Casey told him not to take his money outside he said "but I want to buy some juice, it's real hot out there". I guess they havent learned one of the perks of store ownership is skimming some off the top.


Doug and Mallena said...

Casey really got his money's worth with that cup of juice! It looks like you live in a really cute neighborhood.

Elaine said...

Awww! I miss you guys. What a cute idea. Great for Porty and Maya.

Peggy and Jeff said...

Oh how I want a cup of that juice! Did you get the letter I sent to the kids? What do you think of my idea?

Peggy and Jeff said...

Hey Porter and Maya I want to make an order for 100 suckers. That would be $10.00 profit!!! Now I juat have to figure out how to get the 10 dollars to you!?!

Angela said...

Too Cute