Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer time, Summer time, Sum sum summer time

One of Casey's cousins, who I admire, did a week of activities where she let each kid plan a day and the day had to include meals, main event, service project, and quiet activity (unfortunately her blog is private so you can't see all the adorable ideas and pictures she posted). I loved the idea and since my kids are pretty young still I though I'd help them come up with some options. While snooping around on other peoples blogs I came across this list of fun summer activities to keep the munchkins busy and entertained.

Make homemade stickers
Paint with watercolors (I let them use my real watercolor paint)
Use potatoes carved with simple designs as stamps to make our own wrapping paper
Stamp birthday cards for family and friends, file them to send throughout the year
Make Christmas decorations or ornaments
Create scrapbook pages
Make home made pinatas
Break your pinata
Make playdough
'Stained Glass Windows' - Cover the sticky side of contact paper with several colors of tissue paper, make sure to leave about an inch edge all the way around so it will stick to the window
Make your own chalk
Make candles
Make papercrafts. This site has loads of fun printables to make and do!
Write Secret Messages

Bake a cake, decorate it, and sing "Happy Unbirthday to Us!"
Make popsicles
Bake mini loaves of bread, make butter to spread on them
Bake up different batches of muffins to freeze for snacks
Make homemade bagels
Decorate sugar cookies
Bake cupcakes and deliver to friends
Choose different cookies recipes to bake and freeze for snacks
Make Ice cream in a bag
Make tiny treats

Field Trips:
Go swimming
Pick raspberries
Go to the museum
Ride a horse
Go out for ice cream
Trip to the dollar store
Go to the movies
Attend a concert
Visit a nursing home or an elderly neighbor or friend
Go bird watching

Learn a new Primary Song or Children's Song
Check out a book from the library on paper airplanes. Make all different kinds and have competitions.
Make 'Slime'
Make a list of what you want to learn about this year (Homeschool)
Buy school supplies
Catch butterflies, compare them, learn the life cycle of a butterfly
Plant a garden
Learn about different types of poetry (haiku, limerick, acrostic) and write your own
Design a quilt
Sew your quilt
Read books all day or listen to books on tape
Write a story then illustrate it

Make patriotic bracelets
Paint T-shirts for the 4th of July (search FamilyFun)
Make patriotic hats
Attend a parade
Do patriotic activity pages (wordsearches, crossword puzzles, coloring pages) Do an internet search to find more than you can ever do!
Sing the other verses to the Star Spangled Banner
Ring the "Liberty Bell" by throwing rolled up socks at a bell hanging up on the ceiling

Boutique Week:
Make soap
Make chapstick and lip balm
Have a make-up makeover. Don't forget to take glam shots!
Paint toenails and fingernails.
Make charm bracelets
Make seed bead rings
Sew some cool new PJ pants
Make hair accesories - tie lots of ribbons around hair elastics or make ribbon headbands

Outdoor Activities:
Build a campfire, roast hot dogs and marshmallows
Camp out on the lawn
Blow bubbles. Use different wands. Be creative!
Go for a walk
Try geocaching or letterboxing. These are SO MUCH FUN!!!!
Play water games
Try some new outdoor games (search FamilyFun)
Have a nature scavenger hunt. Write a list for older children. For younger children paint different colors on the bottom of egg cartons (different shades of green, brown, other colors of nature) and see if you can find objects matching those colors. You'd be surprised at what they can find!!
Bike riding
Squirt gun fights
Water Balloon fights
Have different races: wheelbarrow, crab walk, crawling, etc.
Relax on the lawn watching for shapes in the clouds

Indoor activities (Sabbath appropriate):
Draw pictures and send to the Friend Magazine
Write down everything you are thankful for. Be very specific.
Read pioneer or ancestor stories. Act out your favorite ones.
Try writing your own song
Choose a cousin to write a letter to. Make sure to tell them all the things you admire and like about them!
Make your Christmas wish list (I like to get my Christmas shopping done by November)
Write real letters (not e-mail!) - to grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, or friends
Make your own envelopes out of wrapping paper to send your letters in (Look here for templates)
List 5 nice things about each member of your family
Play board games all day
Think of a good service project to do. Plan it out and carry through with the plan
Make a list of what to give everyone for ChristmasMusic Mix CD


Mrs. TJ Martin said...

Hi Amanda! I have recently started blogging and I just LOVE your blog! Reading all of the cute things that your kids say just made my day! I hope your family is enjoying being home. We sure miss you, though. At least this way, we can keep in touch. I can't believe how much Bennett has grown! Take care. --Shilowe

Kathy said...

I just glanced over the activities but I didn't catch anything having to do with VISITING NANA AND GRAMPY on there...... let the kids choose, I am sure they would rather come here. Case closed!
(can't wait until Friday)

Elaine said...

thanks for the great ideas. It looks like the kids have 'brown' skin now!

Laura Hanson said...

Amanda, thanks for compilation of great ideas!

Jamie said...

Casey...I mean Amanda you're so funny! I am actually going public just as soon as I can take our last name out of all the postings. I'm soooo glad you made this great list of stuff. We're definitely using this when the kids whine, "mom, there's nothing to do." I think I'll print it up so they can pick and choose what they want to do. Thanks a lot!

Casey was here on Sunday night. It was so fun! Just between you and me-he's my favorite cousin. He was really nice to my kids (I'm not even nice to them when I'm playing games) and he said the nicest things to Katie while they were playing XBugs. Thanks for doing without him for a bit. Next time hopefully you can come too.

leigh said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this list! i have been trying to think of things for the kids to do but have had a difficult time thinking of anything except the kitchen. we'll have to do some of these fun things!

thanks for letting us borrow casey for a little while - we had so much fun. i think you guys should move here.

AND i love your sidebar quotes. i should start doing that too.

Peggy and Jeff said...

I think you should move to Utah too! I love the brown skinned babies!

Peggy and Jeff said...

Hey Amanda did you get the letter and bookmarks that I sent to you guys?

Natalie Buchkovich said...

What great ideas, thank you! You guys are such awsome parents. We miss you!