Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bison Park

Before my parents and Hanny left we decided to try to squeeze in a quick outing.  We did a quick visit to a nearby Indian mound.  We all ran to the top, and when I got up there Maya walked up to me carrying Cincy and said "Look who made it to the top.  I had to carry her (pause then knowingly) Fraid of heights (pause) and too slow."  Casey decided to pull an Obama during the family picture, and my camera battery was running low so I only snapped one.  Sorry Hanny.
We also took them to visit a local park where they have Bison (we had tried to visit this park twice before and once we ran out of time and once we were rained out).  Pretty exciting huh?  (I won't embarrass the adults who whined about the "long" walk to the bison -Mom, Dad, Hanny)  It was pretty cool and while we were there Nana entertained us with a buffalo joke.  (Don't ask me where she got a buffalo joke) A man came upon a group of buffalo and looked at his friend and said "Those have to be the ugliest creatures God ever created.  They have mangy hair, there is a big hump on their backs, and their heads are too big for their bodies.  They are just down right ugly."  As the man walked away the buffalo looked over to another buffalo and said "Now that's a discouraging word."

 Guess who is crawling and has a tooth?  Yep little baby Ender.  He is getting all over the place and I just can't keep the floors clean enough.  He finds every little crumb, lint, paper scrap, whatever.  He's bound and determined to catch up to the big kids. 

Miles decided to nap through the entire outing but we made sure to master our bison imitations before leaving so we could show him EXACTLY how they looked when we got home. These bison crack me up...

 It's always so hard to say good bye.  We love having family visiting.  The only thing we'd change is we never want them to leave. 


Kayli said...

That joke was the awesomest joke I've heard in years. Seriously.

No pictures of the buffalo???

Beans. said...

i'm a little offended that every picture on here of me i'm blocked out or look like a cow. But i do love that picutre of me and maya! New facebook profile pic? i think so. I want to come back btw. I miss you guys sooo much!

Kathy said...

Oh give me a home, where the BUFFALO roam, and the deer and the antelope play.
Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the skys are not cloudy all day. (there is a buffalo in that song)