Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing Up

Ender walks like a tight rope walker.  He clenches his little hands into fists and juts his arms out to the side and wobbles away.  It's adorable and makes my heart swell up in my chest.  Why cant they stay little forever?  Because watching them grow and learn brings so much joy.  If they stayed little forever we'd miss out on all those feelings of joy and pride.

Maya came home from school the other day and said "Mom, two boys in my class like me."  Then she held her hands up in the shape of a heart and said "Like LIKE me."  I said "Do you like either of them?"  She said no, but then I asked her if she liked another boy in her class and she unabashedly admitted that she did.  Then I looked over to Porter and asked if he LIKED anyone in his class.  His eyes got big and he said "Why?".  Maya quickly threw him under the bus and informed me that he LIKES Stephanie (who lives in our neighbor hood).  I asked Porter if any girls like him and he said Stephanie loves him.  I asked him if he told her that he loved her and he said "NO, I just like to keep it a secret, but she told me that she loves me."  I knew that Stephanie liked Porter because shortly after school started she had a sleep over and bright and early the next morning Stephanie and her friend show up at our door asking to see Porter.  As I walked away I heard Stephanie tell her friend "See this is where PORTER ELMER lives!"  Maya then informed me that while she was working on a project in her art class one of the boys in her class told another boy "It's hot in here because Maya is in here."  When I asked her what she did when he said that showed me what she had done.  She had folded one arm across her stomach and with the elbow of the other arm resting on the folded arm the bowed her head into her hand and slowly shook her head back and forth.  Oh boy, love problems already, am I in trouble?


Sarah Harward said...

Where are the pictures of that cute little curly haired boy toddling around like a tight rope walker? What a terrible tease to tell us how cute it is, then not put up any pictures!!!