Thursday, April 5, 2012

A quick trip to Nana and Grampys

A few weeks ago Casey had to go to Boston for a work thing, so the kids and I decided to take advantage of having the car all to ourselves and drive down to Nana and Grampy's house.  Sarah's husband Steven also had a work trip so she came with her kidos, and extreme fun and enjoyment ensued.  We were not there nearly long enough but the kids had a blast playing in Nana and Grampy's back yard together.
We ended up leaving later than we were supposed to so we drove straight to the airport to pick up Casey, only to find out his flight was delayed a bit.  We decided to park in the cell phone lot and let the kids burn off so pent up energy (long car rides always seem to infuse children with excess energy).  I happened to have my camera in the car so I decided to take advantage of the green grass and gray skies. 

I must have done something to upset Bennett because from this point on I got increasingly sharp gazes from him.
By this point Bennett must have been way too angry at me to sit for any more pictures but this picture of Porter, Ender, and Miles turned out super cute.  Too bad my cute little Bennett boy wasn't in it...
There is nothing better thank pictures of kids in the new spring green.

Please don't judge me for letting my baby eat dirt.  I did attempt to brush some of it off after taking this picture. 
I guess Bennett ended up forgiving me and showering me with bouquets of dandelions!  All is well.


Sarah Harward said...

Too cute! I'm totally starting to compile a list of ideas for our cousin camp!!! Can't wait!

Kayli said...

These are great! I love the first one, and you're right- the one with the three boys is just soooo cute!