Saturday, April 21, 2012

Instagram Friday

I've gotten a little taste, and I'm totally HOOKED!!!  I'm absolutely addicted to INSTAGRAM!  It's like magic.  I snap a picture, experiment with the different filters, hit done and my beautiful image is shared with all my friends and family.  It's great, but not everyone I know has access to these gems so I'm dedicating this post to my instagram shots from the week (I saw a blog where they did Instagram Friday.  I don't know how long I'll stick with it, or how consistent I'll be with Fridays but we'll give it a try).  I'll even try to include some of the not so witty captions I included with them. 
 Bennett has learned to work buttons.  He has become Caseys little helper when it comes to getting ready for church.  Way too cute.  (I think I said something like "You are never too poor to afford a butler".)
 We all got strep throat (except me and Bennett).  So when I posted this picture of Maya I said "Is terrible fashion sense a side effect of strep throat?"  (I know, i'm a riot)
 Porter told me his friends at school call him the "Fruit Destroyer" because he eats fruit so quickly.  I think Ender is following in his footsteps.

 Casey was out of town for a few days this week, and Miles is lucky I didn't sell him to the gypsies.  He's adorable and provides us with tons of laughs, but he's a LOT of work! 
Ender is adorable as ever.  He's getting to be such a good walker.  He's been sick as well so he mostly follows me around crying to be held.  If only there weren't so many other people and things demanding my attention.  I'd like nothing better that to hold him and smell his sweet fluffy baby hair all day long. 
 Bennett has been loving his toys lately.  He'll get a toy and carry it around non stop.  Some of his favorites are his Ninjas, Lego men, and most recently his Shark and Killer Whale.  He's adorable.  He's been so fun also.  We're working on letter recognition with him.  I've told him I'll take him to United Dairy Farmer if he learns all his letters.  He's super excited about that!
 Bennett and I worked on making our own alphabet book this week.  I found some coloring pages someone pinned on pinterest so we printed them off (thanks to a great sister in my ward who GAVE me an awesome printer this week) and we colored them together and I cut them all our.  We still need to bind them, but while we were cutting I let Bennett use my stamps.  He loved them so much he decided to kiss the ink pad.  Bad idea.
 And to end on a disgusting note, I fished all three of these popcorn kernels out of one of Miles nostrils.  Weird-O!


malerie said...

Ha I loved all the pictures and I thought the captions were very witty. I especially loved the popcorn kernals

Sarah Harward said...

Ok, now I REALLY want a device that I can have Instagram on!!! I really loved the three of Miles (with the hat on= HILARIOUS!!!!). Now I know why you're Brad's favorite Instagram-er!!!

Elaine said...

love your posts as always Amanda. I love your witty-ness!