Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eek I mean squeek

I saw another mouse last night so I set up our ingenious little mouse trap that I blogged about previously (I'm still amazed at the cleverness of that trap). And lo and behold I caught the little booger. Casey was pretty excited too and asked Porter if he wanted to see the mouse, but when Casey tilted the can to show off our prize disaster struck. Quicker than a wink the little vermin skedaddled up the slightly inclined trashcan and flew (yes flew) through the air and scampered under the dishwasher. Casey claims he was trying desperately to recapture him before he could vanish but didn't succeed (I have my doubts as to how hard he really tried, but would have loved to have seen it).


Chris & Sarah said...

WOW! When do you guys move?

Sarah Harward said...

That pesky little rodent!! Hopefully he won't be too smart to fall into that trap again. Good luck!!