Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Peggy

You know how people like to make mother-in-law jokes? Well I like to turn those all into father-in-law jokes because I adore my mother-in-law!

Top Ten Things I Love About
Margaret Susan Wilder Elmer (Peggy)
10) I love that she is willing to do anything to serve the Lord, and proved it by going to Peru with a choice son of God to serve as Mission President's Wife (I'm sure she'd love any prayers you can offer on her behalf. My father-in-law thinks that he is Speed Racer. )
9) I love that I can say "Oh I always love eating (name a dish)" and she will say "How do you make that? Is it the one with (this ingredient) or (this ingredient)?" I swear she has the recipe to everything she's ever eaten memorized!
8) I love how she always has a great book to recommend (even if it is The Red Tent which made her blush while reading it aloud to us on our trip from Rexburg to Indiana)
7) I love all the wonderful stories Casey has to tell our kids about what a fun Grammy they have (today he told the the one where she pretended to hammer a nail through her nose and tricked all the boys real good)
6) I love how she can converse with and make anyone feel comfortable
5) I love that she wants so badly to be with my kids (even though she can't right now)
4) I love the great gifts she sends (and the skill with which she shops e-bay)
3) I love that she is such a great mother that the Lord decided to send her to Peru to be mother to all the special missionaries there.
2) I love that I feel comfortable in her family and enjoy being with them
1) I love that she took the time and energy to raise the most wonderful husband a girl could ever want!

I love you too! -casey


The Molen's said...

What a great tribute! It is sad not to have been able to meet her in person, but this was a nice way of getting to a bit about her! Happy Mother's Day.

Jamie said...

I really like Peggy too. She's always been one of my favorite aunts. (She's also been the closest in proximity--growing up that is.) So do you have any good father-in-law jokes?

Jeffrey E said...

Hey Camanda,
This is speed racer. We haven´t had any accidents in Peru lately. I guess the Lord is answering your prayers. I think Peggy is the greatest. You can´t imagine all the things she does for the missionaries. All she thinks about is them and her family. She is a great mission president´s wife. I love her alot. Jeff

polka dots said...

I love this post Amanda! I've always thought Aunt Peggy to be pretty amazing. Ohh....and a ton of fun.