Friday, May 16, 2008

What we're up against

No, it's not a rivalry as big as Superman vs. Lex Luthor, maybe not even as big as Mothra vs. Godzilla, but these two are still considered our arch nemesis (plural pronounced nem-e-sees).

We found Cockroachera plotting it's evil, dastardly plan of laying millions of eggs in our qtip box where we'd unsuspectingly place them in our ears and they'd grow and incubate, and then when the time was right, come spilling out of our ears to consume our man flesh.


Maus, (pronounced with a throaty, guttural noise, Mouwze) was found in the bottom of our trash can after he fell for our peanut butter trap. Peanut Butter is the rodent Kryptonite in case you have the same problem we have. Due to Maus's furry and cuddly nature, he did not hitch a ride on the Porcelain Express like Cockroachera did, but found himself flung into the community trash can to await his sentence of "Maximum Compaction." Sorry PETA, no mercy here.



emily a. said...


Ashley said...

this makes me want to throw up!

Doug and Mallena said...

Double Yuck!

Kathy said...

So gross! It gives me the heeby-geebys. And what kind of PSYCHO takes pictures, posts it on the internet, and creeps everyone out? In my day, we hid the fact that we had 'critters'. You better hope you don't transport any of those little baby eggs to Indiana or you will continue to fight the Philadelphia mafia of roaches!

Anonymous said...

this is just disgusting

Peggy and Jeff said...

Kathy is right better to bomb before you leave believe me I am an expert at cockroaches since we lived with the kings of cokroaches for years in San Antonio--disgusting!!!!