Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Kathy

Last year for Mothers Day I was addicted to Bebo and my siblings and I wrote a memory of our mom each day leading up to Mothers Day. My mom still talks about how much she loved that. This year I read someone elses blog where they did a top ten list of things they love about their mom so I've decided to copy that briliant idea!

Top Ten Things I Love About

Kathy Jane Johnson Porter

10) I love how she likes giving people advice (just ask the millions she's helped on mommasource)

9) I love what a wonderful cook she is (my best recipes come from her)

8) I love that she is so giving and out of the blue will help each of her kids out with whatever she sees they need/want

7) I love that I can call her and tell her I feel crappy and she makes me feel better without making me feel guilty that I needed my ego stroked.

6) I love how much effort she puts into things (especially church callings)

5) I love how much she loves my kids. She always sticks up for them and reminds me how lucky I am to be blessed with such great kids.

4) I love that she LOVES planning things. Anything...a concert trip...a youth activity...a family reunion...grandparents camp (you name it)!

3) I love that I can call her for help on ANYTHING, ideas for a church calling, tips for getting my baby to sleep through the night, recipe advice, nursing, house cleaning, moving info, tricks for replacing a water heater, (the list goes on and on).

2) I love how she is the first one there to help when help is needed (and how she always seems to know just how to make it better)

1) I love how she makes me feel special just because I know she loves me and likes me just the way I am!


Sarah Harward said...

Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!! I don't know of anything I can write on my page that could live up to this. How true they all are!

The Molen's said...

You are so fortunate! And she is so giving of her time. Every time I look at Mason's cape, I will think of you and her and will be grateful to how patient she was with me. I am so lucky to find bits and pieces of my Mom in others. And I know that the common denominator is the gospel and not just coincidence. Happy Mother's Day Amanda!

Buchk fam said...

Sounds like you have some very neat Mother's in your life's, and Grandmother's for you kids! We are all blessed to have such great examples in our lifes. Nice tribute!

Kathy said...

Thanks Amanda (and Sarah). Thank goodness children have a blind love for their parents. You girls make it so easy to be a mom. I love you both and wish that we lived closer than close (compound?).