Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guess who's two

The party is over and life with a two year old is keeping us on our toes. Bennett is really digging trucks so we had a little truck party for him.

Here he is sporting the cute birthday hat his friends Quincy, Allison, and Baby Aubree made him.
Can you see the excitement in his eyes? Fire and Yummy Carrot cake, does it get any better than this?

Notice how in the second picture his fork has migrated from his plate to the pan. Silly kid.

Good thing we had lots of helpers for the unwrapping. Bennett was pretty much clueless. He got a bunch of wooden trucks (from us) Some homemade cookies (from his friends Bella and David), a Mickey mouse club house DVD (from Quincy, Allison, and Baby Aubree), and tub of chocolate cat cookies (for people) from his friend (Emmie). What a great way to kick off the terrible twos!


Elaine said...

Cute-wish we would have been there. Bennett is our favorite! (Just kidding:-)

ginger said...

Sorry we missed it! Thanks for dinner too, it was awesome!

Cames said...

You're missing a picture of the sweet wrapping paper on Bennett's gift! Thanks for the great party...my children are still talking about it!!!

Peggy and Jeff said...

I love the pics and the expressions on Bennetts face he is adorable not terrible! I am so sorry we are late sending the gift! We love you guys and can't wait to see you!

Sierra Parke said...

Happy Birthday Bennett!