Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just this side of October.

It's been fall for a while now, but I thought you might enjoy what we've been up to as the air cools, the leaves fall, and the kids lose teeth.

Someone thought that Miles could use a small snack of Goldfish. I think his 2 yr old brother is the perpetrator of this thoughtful act.

Amanda convinced Porter that he could make some money on Ebay if he sold his Transformers that he never plays with anymore. So of course the money man is excited to get "$100" as he thinks there will be a bidding war over his battle damaged toys. Dad and Mom are not as certain as he is. We spent the better part of yesterday morning rounding up all the pieces we could find and unsurprisingly, only a few of them had every single piece.

Bennett was not happy with his big brother's plan to get rid of all those toys that he so desperately wanted to play with while we were trying to put together a million transformer pieces.

Amanda gets the kids outside almost everyday, especially when the weather is nice, and the kids love it. They usually just go to a nearby park and run around, and once in a while, pose for mom to let her know how happy they are that she is their "Teacher".

I think this was part of their Biology 101 class, or maybe it was Entymology 101. Either way, Bishop Gibb would be proud! I'm surprised he held that Katydid as close to the big ol' gap in his teeth as he did, it could have just crawled on in.

Bennett takes his trucks very seriously. Almost every morning he comes running into our bedroom and climbs on the laundry baskets to look out the window at the garbage truck that comes most mornings.

Maya loves showing her little monkey brother the ropes when it comes to climbing trees. Most days when we go outside, she can be found scurrying up a small tree or bush. I think she's a squirrel, or possibly an owlet.
But she also does well on the ground when she's frolicking among the leaves!

Most times when the kids are given apples to snack on, we'll find whole apples with a few nibbles out of them hiding under a couch cushion or rotting under the bed which initiated "Public Law 9002341. No Whole Apples for Children" which the president quickly signed off on. However, since they were outside and the President was in a generous mood, they each got their own apples. I think Bennett's face says it all, "You mean I get this whole thing to myself?"

The lot seems pleased by the Presidents leaniency. What a rag tag bunch!


Sarah Harward said...

1st- Thanks for the update and pictures Casey. YOu're so clever in your writing!!
2nd- Did you guys cut Miles's hair? In that first picture it looks like it's been buzzed (but knowing how you Elmers love your kids hair I find that hard to fathom!)
3rd- I LOVE Bennett's strut in the last picture!
4th- I think Maya is also part deer, based on the frolicking in the leaves picture
5th- You better not teach Porter how to list things on e-bay or he'll but seeing EVERTHING he can think of (couches, beds, clothes, ponies, little brothers). That kid is going to be a financial advisor or something when he grows up, I just know it. He'll be the next Dave Ramsey!!
6- I think that's all my comments for now.

Sarah Harward said...

(just for the record, I meant to say in point number 5-- "..or he'll PUT EVERYTHING he can think of...)

Kathy said...

I won't try to outdo Sarah's comment. I will just say I miss you all so much and can't wait till you come to visit. I really can't wait till Christmas and James will be here too. It has been too long since we have had a big holiday together. I love you all!

Kathy said...

Just read the Maya/Porter conversation on the side bar and I laughed out loud. Like 17 kids isn't a lot but 100 is? Anything over 3 is a lot to me :)

Jamie said...

Funny about Public Law 9002341. We have a similar unspoken rule so when I was teaching piano the other day and Grant was screaming for an apple I told him to just eat a whole one which encouraged more and more screaming--he just couldn't eat it whole.

Nicole said...

I loved this post, your kids crack me up. We are so excited to see them. Oh and we are not in the same stake as Joe and Steph anymore so Halloween celabrating is allowed :)