Friday, November 6, 2009


A lot of people ask me how homeschooling is going, and although it's a complicated relationship (love/hate-maybe) I love my kids and enjoy having them around (most of the time). Here are a few of the moments I had time to grab the camera and snap a shot of the learning taking place around here.

Maya was going to the aquarium and was bummed that her daddy couldn't go, but he told her to take "Mental Pictures" and to come home and draw her favorite one so he could see what she saw. All through the aquarium Maya was holding up an imaginary camera and clicking pictures, then when she got home, she colored this beauty of a stingray, a turtle, and a starfish.

Nana got us these cute little chalk boards and we've had tons of fun with them. I don't know if you can tell, but Maya is showing her picture of a sand shark. They would draw pictures and try to guess what each other had drawn. It was a nice quiet activity:)

Play dough is always fun also. I gave in and actually bought play dough (I usually make my mother-in-law's recipe, it's great). Here is Maya showing off her "OWLET". Isn't she adorable?

One of the hard thing about homeschooling is all the stuff there is out there. I want to buy it all!

But sometimes we have to settle with what we can find in the recycle bin. Here are our tin can phones. We had talked about walkie talkies and the kids wanted some so bad. Casey told them about tin can phones, and we made them the next day. I think they were entertained for just as long with the tin can phones as they would have been with actual walkie talkies.


Angela said...

Hey thats great. Are you doing home school while your family is in transition or is this a long term plan? Just wondering.

Sarah Harward said...

Are you only homeschooling Maya? Because you didn't talk about Porter at all!! Now I expect a whole post about Porter, one for Bennett and one for Miles!! Get typin'!!!

James Porter said...

The second to last picture looks like Maya is taking a pee on that book/toy shelf! Haha, I miss you guys.