Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Camp Sweats-A-Lot

We went camping with the Porter clan before returning to Boston this summer. It was a little muggy, but still tons of fun. Sarah had some really fun activities planned and the kids all had a great time just being together with the cousins.

The little ones playing with the Fuzzooldles Tim got them. They loved those things.

Sarah planned a Minute to Win it game, the panty hose were a prop for that, but everyone wanted a turn with them. Look at James, still handsome even with lady's underwear on his noggin.

Bennett wore himself out and crashed on Grampy's shoulder while Grampy was trying to feed him dinner.

Miles got his first bee sting. Poor fellow.

Who doesn't love camping grub? My stomach is growling just thinking about "Hobo Dinners".

We had a poetry reading which was a total blast (another of Sarah's genuine ideas). I don't remember everyones poems, but Porter did Dentist Dan (Shel Silversteen), I can't remember Maya's poem, But the Elmer family did a group poem of the story Grumpy Bear and Bennett was the grumpy bear. Everyone got a kick out of him grumbling "ALL I REALLY WANT IS A QUIET PLACE TO SLEEP".

Here are some of the shots from the minuet to win it game. Everyone had a blast trying to do the stunts, and amazingly we accomplished most of them.

The next pictures are from a park we played at for a bit before saying our sad goodbyes and hitting the road.

Oh, and Casey bought Porter a bow and arrow, and everyone had fun playing around with that thing until the arrow split and pierced Hanny's hand. Poor thing...

It's always hard to say goodbye, especially for Maya. She's such a tender hearted little thing.


Kathy said...

A hot weekend in pictures. I love camping, but NEVER again in that kind of heat. Springtime is the way to go.