Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Screech Boys

While everyone was together for Malerie's wedding, my father, an avid Beach Boys fan, finally got his dream come true. Since we were kids, he's always been trying to teach us harmony and since the Beach Boys have always been one of his favorites, we rounded up the boys who were willing to participate, Dan "the Showboat/Loveboat" Elmer, Jeff "I-got-the-High-Part" Elmer, and Casey "the Producer" Elmer, and sat in the studio recording till midnight till our wives collectively called it quits on us. So for your collective enjoyment, the first ever studio tracks of "The Elmer Boy Band".

Elmer Boy Band- Jeff, Casey, and Dan, "I Get Around"

Elmer Boy Band- Dan Elmer on Lead Vocals, "In the Still of the Night"

Behind the Music, a rare glimpse of Jeff and the Deftones in action. Note that it takes more than one try to get the right take.


Peggy and Jeff said...

Don't any of you quit your day jobs!!