Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cape Cod

After visiting the Cranberry Festival we decided to go spend the last remaining hours of daylight at Cape Cod. We struggled to find a beach area, and eventually asked a random stranger in the grocery store parking lot. She was kind enough to take us to her personal neighborhood private beach and inform us that "they never check for parking stickers", so we gratefully invaded. We found all kinds of interesting items such as dead crabs, and this huge dead fish that the sea gulls were dining on before we scared them all off. I figure it's only fair that we scared them seeing as the crabs scared the bejesus out of Bennett (I just looked up the term bejesus "The original term was "scared the Bee Jesus out of me". Bee Jesus is like regular Jesus, only for bees. Having him in you is bad, because then he stings you from the inside. Bee Jesus is known to be frightened by loud, sudden sounds."). I could hardly put him down the rest of the time we were there, he kept scanning the sand and saying "Something is going to bite my toes off". Porter and Maya had a blast, they love everything about the beach, the waves, the gross smelling ocean creatures, shell hunting, sand drawing, etc. EVERYTHING.

It was a pretty chilly day and we were all a little cold by the time the sun went down, so we headed over to the nearest McDonalds to warm our hands up with some french fries and ice cream (i know, but when did the cold keep ANYONE from eating ice cream?)


Kayli said...

Sah-weet pictures-- especially love Bennett with a freaked out face!

That's so awesome the lady showed you her beach!

Searls Stuff said...

What a beautiful beach! Lucky for you that you asked just the right person for help.

Kathy said...

The scared Bennett face was priceless. I have to say I also loved the one of Maya with her toothless smile and Porter running from the waves. I don't think Miles *loved* the beach but I sure wish I were there. Love you all, and miss you tons!

Kris said...

I remember going to Cape Cod when I was little and we lived in MA!