Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cranberry Festival

We enjoyed our second Cranberry Festival (although it wasn't as fun without Grammy and Poppy there). Some of the best things were the Owl show (Maya had her little hand raised almost the entire time, she was in heaven), The huge sand pile (Casey burried each of the kids up to their necks and pretty much everyone got at least a little sand in their mouths), The cranberry harvest tour, and the free samples of Crasins (the pomegranate juice ones are delicious).

We asked a stranger to take our family picture this year and it was somewhat less than perfect, but it'll have to do. Last year Grammy took our picture and Casey liked it so much he used it as our Christmas card. We'll have to think of something else for this years Christmas cards. Oh, as a side note, it's not required to wear red, we just decided last year it'd be fun to all dress as cranberries, and we continued the tradition this year too (I took the festivities a little further by wearing a "Cranberry" hat). I know, we're nerdy!

Porter wanted to take a turn carrying Miles around on his back. He lasted about 3 minutes, but it sure was cute. I love that kid (all those kids).


Searls Stuff said...

I have always wanted to see a cranberry bog! What fun!