Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm sure most of you know of my husbands ferocious love of all things strange, little known, or quirky, well do you know what a chindogu is. "dogu is Japanese for "tool" and chin is Japanese for "weird". So just in case there are any other lovers of the absurd enjoy!

Back Scratcher's T-Shirt
* The fast and logical solution to infernal itching
The friend (or partner) who offers to scratch your back is a friend (or partner) indeed. Except it all goes horribly wrong when they just can't seem to locate the maddening itch. For those who are fed up of saying, 'left a bit... up a bit... right a bit!' comes a very special T-shirt, complete with Battleships style, itch-locater grid. The scratchee is also equipped with a hand-held miniature corresponding grid-map, for accurate communication. So when the scratcher says, 'I'm scratching F5, ' the scratchee can say, 'try G7'.
Commuter's Helmet
* For secure subway snoozing
Another Chindogu to aid the comfort and repose of weary commuters, and arguably the best. Like the Subway Sleeper's Screen (see page 143), the Commuter's Helmet sports a message to fellow travellers, reading, 'I'm having a short nap. Could you please wake me up when I reach the stop printed below. Many Thanks.' But since it depends entirely on the co-operation of fellow passengers for success, this Chindogu has also been designed to maximize their finer communal instincts and sense of goodwill. The suction pad on the back of the helmet keeps the head firmly in place, thus preventing the sleeper's head from lolling intrusively on the shoulders or laps of his or her neighbours. This courtesy will no doubt be appreciated, and the reciprocal favour of a timely awakening is more likely to be achieved.

If this small sampling isn't enough and you are dying for more try checking out the website (yes there is a website)
Feel free to post any chindougu you come up with. You know we want to hear them (and any sketches you include are appreciated)!


Peggy and Jeff said...

I think this crazy obsession comes from all the tricks we played on Uncle Joe when he came to Spokane to visit us...we always greeted him at the airport with odd and funny gadgets to embarrass him like the hat with the sipping straws for personal drink consumption and the rainbow suspenders that had twinkle lights on them and the google eyed glasses!!....maybe Casey will remember what else I'm getting a bit forgetful in my old age but I think the t-shirt thing is actually a pretty good idea! I love to be reminded of how goofy my kids are!!

emily a. said...

I'll have to forward my dad to this post. He and Casey are similar in their appreciation for odd things. Plus, he served in Japan and loves anything Japanese so that's a bonus. Funny stuff!