Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sheep Shearing Day

Saturday Casey and I took the kids to a near by farm called Fox Chase Farm. It's about 4 miles away so we decided to strap Bennett into the Moby, load Porter and Maya into the stroller and walk there. It was a pretty great walk, and the event was great too!

Here are the Elmer boys spinning wool (I'm pretty sure Porter has decided he's going to do this as a living, he loved it so much (yeah right but Casey really seemed to enjoy himself)!)
Maya on the other hand loved everything about the wool and the sheep and the hay and the pigs and the cows and the goats (should I continue?) We bought honey from the farm and I think I've decided I want to be a beekeeper when I grow up! Farm livin is the life for me.

Porters favorite part of the whole day was playing in the creek on the way home (yes we walked back also. I think it was about 9 miles round trip) Little Huck Finn!


emily a. said...

Thanks for inviting us- it was a fun treat to be out of the city and with some sheep, the Elmers and Mushalas!

HoffmanFamily2 said...

9 miles!! Watch out biggest looser, the Elmer's are on their way!!

Sarah Harward said...

What adorable pictures! And that is not the moby that Bennett is in! That's the crazy peruvian sling!

Peggy and Jeff said...

What fun...I want to be one of your kids!

The Molen's said...

wow! How fun. Sorry to have missed that. It's nice to have such a cool farm so close to us. You Elmer's sure are troopers!