Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The rest of the story:

So after we came home from playing in the creek I threw the kids into the tub to rinse the river bottom off of their bottoms, and after a while Porter came out and dried off and I started wondering where Maya was. I didn't hear anything so I went into the bathroom and (don't worry she didn't drown) she was laying real still in the tub with just a little bit of water around her. At first I though she was teasing me but nope, She had really fallen asleep in the bathtub!!!
Bennett sure loves chewing on his cute little lips and it's funny cause it makes him look like he has no lips. What a funny little guy.
When we went to New York there was a guy with a killer Mohawk walking around and for Porter it was love at first sight. He has begged me to 'spike' his hair ever since (even though Nana informed him that if he ever got his hair like that she would cut it off in his sleep). So here is our version of the Mohawk. Hope you like it, he sure did!


Chris & Sarah said...

I LOVE your interpretation of a mohawk! I'll have to remember that for the future.

Sarah Harward said...

Are you sure he liked it? It looks like he's terrified!!

I can't believe you didn't get an actual picture of Maya in the tub sleeping. That's too funny, but scary too. Good thing there wasn't too much water in there.

And I just want to kiss that Bennett's little lip-less face!!!

Peggy and Jeff said...

Where in the world do you get these clever ideas like Porter's mohawk??!! Amazing....what does Bennett think of all the antics of his siblings?