Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monkeying Around

When Nana was here visiting with gran they got the kids a huge bag of balloons, and that bag of balloons has provided hours and hours of fun. When air balloons started getting a little boring we decided to try some of the water variety. Strangers looked hesitant as we marched around outside with our camo shorts, Mohawks, and 'that devious glint in our eyes'.
Speaking of 'that devious glint'

Maya is such a great helper with Miles. She loves him to pieces and doesn't even complain too much about being spit up on.

Miles complains enough for the both of them

We don't see near enough of this handsome face, but he's working hard and makes the most of his time home with us.

We went on a nature hike with this awesome guide named Boot. The kids love him and he is excellent. I guess I decided to dress Bennett like Elmer Fud for the special day:)

Here are the hoodlums preparing for the hike

Maya who constantly forgets that the hikes are held on a Nature Sanctuary and constantly has to be reminded not to pick things and that "No we cant keep the cricket as a pet". On both of the hikes we have gone on with Boot he has told her "I love a girl who isn't afraid to touch BUGS"

Look at that chunky monkey

And the crowning achievement of our week...Bennett decided to paint his eye closed with rubber cement. I was looking up a red box location on the computer (a very quick thing to do) when Porter came running in saying "Uh oh mom, something bad (they always preface their stories with either "something bad" or "do you think it's something bad or good?") Bennett got the bottle with the cow on it and now his eye is stuck closed and he's holding a tissue on it". I ran out to check (because Porter was panicked and I had no clue what bottle had a cow on it) and sure enough Bennett had the rubber cement which is kept 'out of reach' (he used a chair to climb up and get it) and was holding a baby wipe over his eye trying to wipe it off. Obviously the baby wipe idea was flawed and I had to intervene. I rubbed and rubbed and picked and pulled until we finally got his eye opened. The the kids started telling me I was being mean because he was SCREAMING and his eye was opened so I think they thought I should leave the rest of the little gummy boogers on his face. So I did. It took two whole days for them to be all the way gone.


Casey said...

I need to get home more often.

Elaine said...

I love the picture of maya with spit up. She is looking more and more like you.

Searls Stuff said...

Your days must be constantly filled with amazingly wonderful moments. What a joy little ones are.

Jamie said...

So the cow containers actually sticks things together--an iportant thing to figure out! Why he eye though? Why not fingers or toes. So funny! You've got some pretty entertaining kids.

Kayli said...

Oh my gosh! That is CRAZY about the glue. Did you get worried that it might be harmful to his eye?

And I also love the picture of Maya with the spit-up. HI-larious!!!