Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo to you!


A storm trooper (yes, again) Flash Gordon (I don't actually know who that is but he's pretty stinkin' cute) and a Panda Bear (no she's not a skelaton)

Maya was super happy with this disgusting little plastic cocroach she picked up on someones porch (I think they may have been decorations and not for taking, but I was too busy counting heads to notice, and who can resist a girl who would choose a bug over candy?)

Here's Porter. He promptly counted his candy and anounced "I GOT 76 PIECES" while we were riding the T home.
Bennett was in heaven with all the candy. He held up his bag at one point and said "Candy" while looking at me with a face that said "Mom, are you ok with me having and entire bag of candy?"

Here is the flash showing off his muscles?
And yes Miles had a costume also. He was a peapod but it wasn't too long into the trial run before he looked like this... he didn't have to wear his for trick-or-treating. Casey carried him in the Moby (at least one person asked if Casey was dressed as a pregnant man -ha-ha-ha-ha)
Look at those sweet sleepy lips

And as a bonus, here is a shot of Miles and I after raiding the kids candy bags:)
NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: Yep we forgot to take our camera trick-or-treating so we have no photos of the really fun ward party (where I won the prize for best chili, and it wasn't some silly little prize, it was a $15 gift card for Target! Porter was so excited for me -I love that kid-), or the super cool trick-or-treating on Beacon Hill (where Carly Simon and John Kerry (along with a long list of other celebs) own homes). Beacon hill was so fun. They had the streets closed off and the places was packed. Deffinantly the place to be on Halloween!
We hope you all had a great Halloween!


Sarah Harward said...

First of all, I can't believe you got your halloween pictures up before I did!!
Second of all, TOO CUTE!! Oh my, oh my. those kids!! I could just eat them up!!
Third of all, Did you get my message? I tried to call you but a weird answering machine thing came on, but in case you didn't get my message, I GOT THE LITTLE KID KITCHEN SET!! Remember the one Grandpa made us and dad gave away? Well, it's in my possession as we speak!! The tricky part will be fitting it, all of our crap, and our kids in the van for the ride home tomorrow.
And fourth of all, Landon decided not to be a mummy, so stay tuned to see what he decided to be (here's a hint: it looked cute and kind of funny/silly)

Kathy said...

Cute pictures. I really hate halloween but I sure would treat those cute little trickers!

Elaine said...

Love it! Bennett is adorable.
Now Thula wants to write something. dear amada what is maya is she a pola bear yes or no from thula And mom.x

Jamie said...

Miles is so cute! A Panda is a great costume idea, though I did think zombie when I first saw the picture.

A $15 gift card is an awesome prize. Our ward gave out someone's old Halloween decorations.