Monday, July 18, 2011

I {heart} a clean van!

Last summer when I went to my grandma's funeral I was riding though the cemetery looking at the gravestone when my brother James said "I know what your headstone is going to say" I was excited to hear what he would say, I've always though James kind of liked me and I thought it was going to be something like "Here lies Amanda the best sister of all time" which would have been pretty cool since Sarah was in the car too. But instead he said "Here lies Amanda, owner of the worlds dirtiest van". Yeah, that was a slap in the face, but it's all too true. I've always admired those people who can keep their cars looking clean and new, but when you pack 5 munchkins around it's hard to build up the courage look in the back seat better yet to actually clean it! This weekend Casey and the kids braved the heat and filth, and cleaned out the van. I puttered around the house and made them "nada pina coladas" for their efforts, and I'm proud to say the van is still as clean today (Monday) as it was when they finished (Saturday). (hopefully I'll still be able to say that next week)


Jims Porter said...

Don't prove me wrong! I've already put a deposit on your tombstone!

Haha, I love you.

Kayli said...

That was a great story. It truly is amazing how quickly the van can be trashed. It gets Brett all uptight and angry, but I'm like- oh well- they're the ones that have to sit in it.

Sarah Harward said...

I, too, {heart} a clean van! I'd like to write more, but I have kids screaming at eachother!

Searls Stuff said...

I had a friend in El Paso that owned a van with vinyl flooring and seats. It was one of those huge bus type things made by Ford back in the day. Anyway, she would open the back doors and take her water hose to the front to spray everything out. Then she would make her kids shovel up everything that got washed out of the van onto the driveway, and toss it in the garbage. They got to be pretty good about keeping the things they wanted picked up out of the van!
Enjoy it while you can!