Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Scioto Mile

Caseys company has been working on a project to revamp the columbus river front. There was a big grand opening this week, so we loaded up the hooligans and headed down town (even though Casey wasn't actually involved in the project). It was pretty fun (after all the long speeches and "thank you's") they cut the ribbon on the splash pad and the kids had a blast playing in the water. We had such a good time we decided to go back two days later and enjoy it again. These pictures are from our second trip (I forgot the camera our first time, along with changes of clothing).

Miles was mostly afraid of the water and spent his time wandering up to strangers and trying to hug them. Ender spent his time chilling in the stroller, it was a bit warm but every now and then the wind would shift and he'd get a nice misting from the fountain.

Porter and Maya each got hurt. Porter skinned his knee and Maya was spinning around a pole and smacked right into another pole head first. She's got quite the bruise on her forehead now.

Check this picture out. Every single person is totally cheesing it up. Love it!


Elaine said...

I love the last picture! You guys are the best family. Can't wait to see you again.

Kathy said...

Elaine, where are you??? In Louisville yet? Where are you living???

Amanda, great pictures. I also love that last one of Casey and Ender with their mouths wide open. So cute. *you should be in some pictures also*

Searls Stuff said...

I agree with your mother. But, that seems to be the case with most blogs. Very few pictures of Mom. Beautiful family!

Beans. said...

Miles is the cutest kid ever. Well all of them are cute. Maybe you guys should move back in? eh..never mind just a visit then?

Peggy and Jeff said...

I love the pics they are soooo cute and looks so fun!