Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday I'm In LOVE...
Casey and I spent way too long looking through the photos on this sight and laughing till we cried. Oh. My. Gosh. Way too funny. The best parts are the captions. People are so funny.

I love funny moments like last saturday when Casey and Porter went to Walmart for their 'daddy son date' and while shopping made friends with a Peruvian couple who invited us to their grandsons birthday the following day. Ok, let me go into a little more detail. Porter wore a Peruvian soccer jersey that Jeff and Peggy had gotten him from their mission and as they were walking the toy aisle this man started talking to them and told them he was from Peru. His wife came up and they had a long conversation during which time the grandson and Porter played together. As the conversation was wrapping up Casey said "We'll have to have you guys over for a cookout sometime" and they said "Oh, we're having a cookout tomorrow for our grandsons birthday. You guys should come." Casey did give them fair warning that there are 7 of us, but the insisted we should all come, so we did. Weird! We showed up and there was a ton of their family there and us (the token gringo strangers). Everyone was like "This is the guy uncle tio met at the Wal-Mart". It was so strange but they were super friendly and nice and the kids had a great time playing together. Oh, and we ate cow heart and fish cooked by lemon juice (NO FIRE involved).

As if that Walmart trip wasn't eventful enough as Porter and Casey were leaving Casey walked up to the van and opened the trunk to find a stroller he didn't recognize. He was a little confused until he looked up front and saw a lady in a burkah sitting in the passenger seat. He suddenly realized he was in the wrong car. He said "I'm so sorry, this is the wrong car." and walked away. As they walked away Porter said "Dad that was so embarrassing!"


Kayli said...

Dude that was hilarious. I read the whole thing to Brett.