Monday, July 25, 2011

Wha'd you say?

I was trying to explain to Bennett why we shouldn't kiss people outside of our family and I said "It's ok to kiss mommy and daddy but kissing other girls is YUCK." He raised his eyebrows and with a puzzled expression said "I DON'T THINK SO."

Ender cried out in his sleep and Bennett said "Mom, Ender had a dream, a scary dream that somebody was eating him.

Bennett: Is spiderman real?
Me: No he's imaginary.
B: Why is he imaginary? I wanted Jesus to send him here. Why did Jesus send him to comics and not here?

The missionaries were telling the kids that they shouldn't start fires without adult supervision. Maya got a shocked look on her face and accusingly said "YOU MEAN YOU GUYS CAN LOOK THOUGH WALLS?".

As we left the gym it was super sunny outside and Bennett instinctivly squinted one eye closed, then he said ""Hey, I should be a pirate because I my eye can't see."

Casey-"Those bathroom books are not nearly long enough".

Me "Bennett did you have fun playing with Bella?"
Bennett "Yeah"
Maya "Bennett got a little kiss from Bella."
Me "Bennett, did Bella give you a little kiss?"
Bennett "Yeah, and I even closed my eyes."
Me "Why did you close your eyes?"
Bennett "Because she told me to!"

Maya-"Everybody I know has a sister or a dog forcept me."

As Casey was laying in bed trying to get a little extra sleep Bennett came in the room and crept up along side the bed. There was a pillow by the bed and right as he stepped on the pillow Casey tooted and Bennett said "hey Dad, this pillow sounds like a duck!"

Maya woke up and told us she had had a dream that she was the host of Americas Funniest Home Videos, and she introduced the clips by saying "In races...Mom's always win".

A few weeks ago the kids had wear read day, and pay a dollar to wear a hat day. As I was giving the kids their bath tonight Maya said "Wear red and pay a dollar to wear a hat day was fun. Guess what, Maddie wore a CHEESE hat. It looked like a piece of cheese, and I pretended to be a mouse."

Porter and Miles were playing together when Miles suddenly tried to bite Porters toe. Porter said "Ooww, I hope you don't do that on your mission".

Bennett had a piece of gum in his mouth and he broke it in half and gave half of it to Miles. I said Bennett that was so nice that you shared with Miles, and he said "Yeah, it's spicey and minty".

The Harwards were visiting, and as we were sitting in church Bennett was hovering around baby Ella. She started waking up, and he looked up at Sarah and said "She just loves me so much. I know, maybe I should feed here with these" (while lifting up his shirt and pointing to his little nipples).

As Hannah was saying family prayer, we were all listening quietly when Bennett, who had wanted to say the prayer, suddenly blurted out "Hanny, you're a doof." (Don't feel too sorry for Hanny, she's the one who taught Benny the word 'doof').

The Primary did a special party for the kids that are turning eight this year, so we stayed after church and learned about baptism and scouting. The scout leader told the boys they would be in the wolf den. After the program Maya said "I wish I could be in the wolf den". Casey told her it was not a REAL wolf den, and she said "Oh, I thought there would be baby wolves." Casey and I started laughing and she said "What? I love baby wolves."

Casey walked past Bennett and tousled his hair. When he touched his head he shocked him and I said "Bennett did he zap you?" Bennett said "No, I zapped him with my super hair."

We were getting ready for church, and Bennett and I were talking about how he was going to get to go to primary. He said "uuuggg, it's the boringest thing I ever saw".

In church Bennett's primary teacher asked the kids what their favorite songs were and Bennett said "I just like Holy Diver".

When we put Bennett to bed he's been coming upstairs and saying "I forgot how to sleep!"

Bennett threw a piece of a brick at Porter and Porter said "Hey, why'd you throw a brick at me?" and Bennett replied "It's not a brick, it's a rock".


Shilowe said...

I am laughing.out.loud! CUTE KIDS!

Elaine said...

Too many funny ones!