Monday, February 25, 2008

10 Wonderful Things About My 5 Year Old

1) When he bust out that beautiful dimply smile
2) When he does his "funny farm" laugh
3) How he loves hearing scripture stories and stories from when we were little
4) How he always tries to find solutions to problems that will make everyone happy
5) How he always sticks up for the little guy (usually the little guys is Maya, and sometimes she's not so innocent but he always sticks up for her)
6) How artistic he is (I like to think he gets this from me, but we all know he gets it from his daddy)
7) When he tells me he thinks I'm the best mommy
8) How he says things like "We know that Jesus can help us be good" and "We know we can have a good Christmas" (In Feb.) during his prayers
9) How he is always starving to death (this actually drives me crazy) his favorite things to eat are Life cereal, hot doggers, apple slices, carrots, and anything sweet.
10) How he lets me cuddle him and call him my baby anytime I want


Sarah Harward said...

I love that Porter! I especially love his funny farm laugh!

Kathy said...

Nana loves Porter too. Some of the things I love about him is when you read him a book, he listens to the story but he also soaks in all the pictures. He does that when you are riding in the car too. He will see everything around. I love how kind he is, like buying Maya something with the money Granny sent him for his birthday. I love it that he is a great big brother and makes Bennett laugh. I love it when he says, I miss you Nana, and I know he means it. I love him so much. Porter, I am glad you are my grandson!

Peggy and Jeff said...

I wish I could hear his funny farm laugh! I really miss not being able to see and play with him and Maya and now Bennett...he is a kind hearted soul with a great tenderness about him which I love. Give him a hug and kiss from his Grammy and tell him howmuch I love him too!

Nicole said...

I wish I could spend some quality time with those kids. I hope you all come out in June with Casey. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Alicia said...

Porter YOU ROCK!!!