Friday, February 22, 2008


1. Answer the questions
2. Tag 3 others and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.


10 years ago . . .

It was the last time I was with my beloved appendix before it was so lovingly snatched from my abdomen. I was in Salta Argentina and in zone conference no less, when I started to puke uncontrollably and only after being rushed to the Hospital where I had to wait for permission to be cut open, did I finally find sweet relief.

5 things on my list of things to do today . . .

1. Go to Work
2. Eat lunch
3. Come Home
4. Eat dinner
5. Enjoy the deliciousness of Twizzler Pull n' Peels cherry flavor!

snacks I enjoy . . .

see above #5, also, there are no vending machines at work, so the only snack I get is the occasional stick of gum.

3 bad habits . . .

1. Bite my nails
2. Let my car get utterly filthy before I clean it.
3. Amanda says I say, "Oye Ve" too much, but I don't notice it.

5 places I've lived . . .

SanAntonio, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Spokane, WA
Salta, Argentina
Rexburg, Idaho
West Lafayette, IN
Philadelphia, PA......I know I cheated, but that's the entire list.

5 jobs I've had . . .

Bus Boy for Cyrus O' Leary's (Fired)
Newspaper Deliver Boy for Spokesman Review (Fired and Rehired numerous times)
Landscaper for Lone Pine Nursery (Almost Fired after dumping a load of gravel all over the only road into Jackson Hole, WY backing up traffic for hours.)
Independent Lawn Mower (Fired by each individual homeowner, yeah, that one stung a little.)
Ball Picker for The Orchard Driving Range (Wanted to Fire myself to get away from the crazy old woman who ran the place.)

5 things you don't know about me . . .

I'll publicly tell you I hate country music, but secretly, I can sing every word of Garth Brook's 'Rodeo' on cue.

I've gone a whole school day not knowing my zipper was down, and when asked about it, I casually played it off like, "Duh, It's the cool thing now!"

I used to staple posters and pictures to the roof of my '83 Chevy Beauville and put a couch in as the 3rd row of seats.

I will not squash a bug. Just the thought of the texture and sound of a crushing exoskeleton makes my liver crawl.

Whenever I walk next to someone, I tend to gravitate towards them until I bump into them on accident.

What if I suddenly had a million dollars . . .

I would by a K-car, a nice Reliant automobile.(BNL) I would most likely curse and scream that I had to pay 50% of it towards taxes, but then I would probably get over it and want to play Monopoly using real money instead of Monopoly money.

3 Ways I help the Environment...

1. I no longer take paper or plastic at the grocery or walmart, but instead bring my own super Heavy duty awesome tarpauline IKEA bags which only cost us 50cents.

2. I use public transportation every day to get to and home from work, but this probably has more to do with economics reasons than environmental.

3. I have tried to switch most of our lightbulbs over to incandescent bulbs.

I'm tagging Peggy(don't worry mom, i'll walk you through it), Brad, and Kathy.
Feel Free to add your own questions.


The Family said...

Casey, that was fun. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better.

Sarah Harward said...

I like how you added the one about the environment. Way to brag about the 'Elmer Tree Huggers' way of life. Just kidding. Now get Amanda to do hers...

Amanda said...

You are so stinkin' funny. I'm crazy about you.

The Molen's said...

I love that you can admit to all of your firings. So funny!

emily a. said...

Thanks for giving Ryan and I a good laugh. When I read him the part about how you tend to gravitate towards people you are walking near and then bump into them, Ryan said "Yeah, that's true- I've noticed that."

Love you guys- so funny!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Can I just say that I think that it is cute how you both blog. It's simply adorable. And casey, every person secretly likes country, spencer sends me cute romantic text messages all the time, but then I realize that I have heard that line before...oh, yes, from a Rascal Flatts song. Country is contagious.

leigh said...

fired. really?

I like how you added the green things at the end (I've been meaning to do a post about it - should have thought of that.)

ps - I need some serious yard planning help.

Kathy said...

I'm taggin you Amanda because Casey tagged me. copy from my blog and paste to yours.