Monday, February 25, 2008

Mix Tape 2: the Philadelphia story

As successful as Mix Tape 1 was, we decided to plod on with tape number two which is a homage to our life here in Philadelphia with songs from Rocky, Philadelphia, and other songs that remind us of Philly.

Now, for the special request.

Mix Tape #3 is going to be solely dedicated to songs that you remember from your stake dances, regardless of the decade or genre. I'm starting out with Kriss Kross's "Jump" which was a perennial favorite in Spokane. I mean, c'mon, backwards jeans, who wouldn't jump, jump. Now, you just tell me your favorites and we'll step back to the years when bangs were high and line dancing meant "Achy Breakey Heart!"

I'm Kasey Kasem



The Family said...

I'm not sure if this is the title of the song, but I remember learning the line dance to "You and me go fishin in the dark, lyin on our backs and countin the stars as the cool grass grows....." At least it was something like that. It was my first real taste of country music. Ahhh...the memories

Casey said...

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Fishing in the Dark". a classic, for country I mean, of course. Thanks for the song, add more if you want.

emily a. said...

I was just listening to an 80's CD today and heard a few songs from my years of Stake Dances. Pretty much any Brian Adams's song (Right Here Waiting for You- or something like that) and Depeche Mode were regulars.

Ryan's suggestions are Lady In Red and YMCA.

Elaine said...

what about that chicken song where you have to flap your arms and stuff. I always remember our stake dj humiliating us with that song (and it was in Spokane!)

Nicole said...

Never fails, at all church dances I have been to they always played cotton eye joe. I actually cant stand the song, but oh the memories it brings

leigh said...

little respect by erasure,
somebody by depeche mode,
that 1 proclaimers song,