Thursday, February 7, 2008

Leigh, this is all your FAULT!!!

Leigh, I want you to see how much chaos your one blog created. My kids saw you kids with the syrup and how much fun it was and decided to take it 5 steps further! They started off by smearing toothpaste all over our brand new Futon (serves us right for being futon people), next they casually progressed to what I like to call their "Condiments" phase where they created mustard yard art and then invited their cousin Landon over for "Ranch Dressing-Linoleum-Skating" for which Landon took the gold medal. Next Maya performed a solo expressionist painting experiment on our bathroom floor with Desitin and other available creams and lotions to the point she could not stand up and had to crawl out of the bathroom. Finally in true homage to your kids, they took a full syrup bottle and decided to play Hansel and Gretel and realized that no birds should have the joy of licking up such a sweet and sticky treat, so they tromped and licked their way straight to a life sentence of time outs!!! Thanks Leigh!
(In fairness to Leigh, my children did this all of their own accord and each mess was hatched in their devious little minds, not the previously blamed (semi) innocent children of Leigh.)


leigh said...

Whoa! was this all in one day? I'm definitely NOT showing these pictures to my kids!

ps - I deny any and all affiliation with Porter, Maya, and cousin Landon.

Katy Nelson said...

did you know I have never seen Maya in real life...and the last time i saw porter he was sleeping in a carseat...barely a few months old?
sad huh!