Thursday, January 24, 2008

Being a Mom is fun!!!

sometimes. Here are some shots of us at a neat little place we went for Mom's and Tot's.

It was this Big old house that was about 20 minutes from our house. The people who built it built it for kids to play in and there are three floors of toys.

On the entry level there was a big wooden train to play with, a wooden play house with a fridge stove and pretend food, and a cash regiser.

Then on the top level they had a big doll house with people and furniture, so cars and trucks some push type toys and (Mayas favorite) animals.

Then the basement was all riding toys. The basement was my favorite becasue the floors were just concrete and the walls were brick but there were murals painted on every wall. Each wall was different animals from different environments. Dinosaurs, fish, african safari type animals, and jungle. It was so cool. Also they had a real working traffic light, parking meters and parking spots for the cars. So COOL!


Sarah Harward said...

I WANT TO GO!!!! I'll be there in 12 hours! Just kidding. I like how you're making Porter freeze in the first picture because you're using his coat to keep Bennett warm!! I see you're using your moby for front facing. Fun stuff!!

emily a. said...

That is so cool. I can't wait till I get to join the group!

Anonymous said...

What a fun place! Sign me up! Looks like you guys are having fun there. Your kids are all so truly adorable! And maya...I bet she can get away with almost anything with those beautiful eyes, she is so cute.

Chris & Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! Do you like your moby wrap? I LOVE mine. Thanks for keeps me entertained! :)

The Molen's said...

I wish we could have made it. I am so glad you guys had fun. I'm not really flaky, my kids just can't catch a break these days.....or months.

dan and linds said...

Wow, that place looks amazing! What a great place to visit for Mom and Tot!